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Almost everyone needs a visa to visit Tanzania. Cost for single entry visa which is valid for three months is US$100. It’s best to get the visas in advance (and necessary if you want multiple entry), though visas are currently readily issued at Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro International Airports, and at border entrances sings) and would require a valid passport. It is suggested you keep your return ticket proof ready when stamping for visa at the entry airports.


Visitors originating from or transiting through countries endemic with cholera or yellow fever may need valid vaccination certificates, but it is not mandatory. Visitors are advised to take anti-malaria tablets and make use of mosquito nets and insect sprays where provided.


Health insurance through your travel agent is recommended. It’s vital to ensure that your travel insurance cover any emergency transport during the duration of your safari and it requires getting you at least to the nearest major hospital. It’s worth taking out a temporary membership with the Local Service providers.



Space in the safari vehicle and small aircrafts is limited and we request that you pay particular attention to the following guidelines.


Small/medium-sized rucksack. A bag should not exceed 12kgs and 65x46 cm. We recommend you pack your personal effects in an inexpensive barrel/sausage bag; one small handbag or daypack containing money, travel documents and camera equipment, waist pouch or money belt and a small fold-up bag to be used on itineraries that include short excursions. Note: Suitcases are NOT suitable for our type of safaris. Any excess luggage over 12kgs will not be loaded inside the vehicles or safari aircrafts. Excess luggage will be stored and costs incurred will be the passengers' responsibility


Take along comfortable, casual and semi-casual, "wash and wear" clothes. Avoid bright colours and white. Good shoes are essential. Note: Please avoid clothing resembling army uniform (such as camouflage clothing).


Please dress appropriately (no bare feet, bare chests, no bikini tops) when visiting markets, villages, towns and when travelling in the vehicles. In Zanzibar as a form of respect to local customs and Islamic religion, ladies are requested to dress discreetly by covering their knees and shoulders while visiting Zanzibar towns and local villages. Strappy dresses and G-string costumes are not allowed

Remember to pack the following:

  • A small torch + batteries.
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Comb/ hair brush, nail brush
  • Razor & blades (preferable battery operated shaver)
  • Suntan lotion/ Sun block
  • Lip balm
  • Hand cream & Moisturizing Cream
  • Insect repellent
  • Tissues or disposable moist tissues
  • Sunglasses
  • Spectacles (if worn) - some people have trouble with contact lenses & dust
  • Pen for immigration formalities
  • Small note book
  • Multi-purpose knife (Swiss army knife)

HELP to protect the natural ecosystems and always respect the local flora and fauna.

Avoid giving gifts especially to the children, but educate and channel your support towards the local women groups and community based activities.

Buy articles that do not damage the local ecosystems and are not prohibited.

For More Information

Telephone: +255 754 354 444