Responsible Travel

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ARE YOU A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELLER? One of Pongo Safaris’ goal is to help

tourists into Tanzania to travel conscientiously in order to support

sustainable development through responsible traveling. Following are tips

extracted from Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Africa:


BE COMPASSIONATE to the environment. Put yourself in the situation of the

people, or even animals, you are in contact with and try to understand their

reactions towards your presence.

LEARN from what is seen and adapt better to the new environments.

Traveling is the best learning experience.


Create a POSITIVE IMPACT of the environment in order to reduce cultural and

ecological footpaths by making use of locally available products and service



RESPECT the local customs, such as the way of dressing and public behavior.


SHOW PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING when faced with challenging



RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANCE DIGNITY of both locals and foreigners.


SAVE RESOURCES use the least contaminating materials and choose routes

that are reasonable in terms of both distance and time.


HELP to protect the natural ecosystems and always respect the local flora and



Avoid giving gifts especially to the children, but educate and channel your

support towards the local women groups and community based activities.


Buy articles that do not damage the local ecosystems and are not prohibited.

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